5 Reasons to Use Visual Composer for WordPress Website

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Visual Composer for WordPress is a powerful tool that helps website owners to create stunning and feature-rich websites without any coding knowledge. This drag-and-drop page builder plugin offers an intuitive interface that allows users to design their pages with ease. With over 50 content elements and templates, Visual Composer makes it easy for you to add different types of features to your website, including sliders, galleries, forms, buttons, and more.

If you are looking for a way to make your website look professional and polished, then Visual Composer for WordPress is the perfect solution. It comes with a variety of pre-designed layouts that can be used as-is or customized according to your preferences. In addition, the plugin integrates seamlessly with other popular WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO and WooCommerce.

One of the best things about Visual Composer is its user-friendly interface.

Reasons to Use Visual Composer for WordPress

Several business owners exactly know what their brand is, what their customers want and have really great ideas. But the majority of these businessmen have not invested anything in understanding even the basics of coding.

They do not have a slight knowledge of HTML or CSS, but they have the will to create a great website. Here enters Visual Composer that has revolutionized the process of website development since 2011.

You can easily create and manage a website while taking care of your visions and time constraints. Let your ideas transform into a fully functional site with the help of Visual Composer for WordPress. Let us now understand the specific benefits of using the plug-in first.

Reasons to Use Visual Composer for WordPress Website


The visual composer is a page builder for WordPress is an alternative to the traditional design interface which is not only more flexible but also more comfortable to use. You have to use the 45 plug-in design elements wherever you want them on the web page using the ever smooth drag and drop feature. Thus you place things as per your wish instead of your theme’s choice or the WordPress direction.

The favorite page builder for WordPress has now become a trend among developers for its ease of use and also because it is compatible with SEO plug-ins from third parties.

Moreover, you also get the opportunity to work on more than 40 layouts. You are free to use different templates on different pages per your objectives.  For instance, you will be getting separate templates for service descriptions, product descriptions and also for any legal information you might like to publish.


The web pages created through the use of visual composer are much more than just attractive, and SEO optimized.  You must know that WordPress employs a default name system for every content category on the site. Hence, no matter what you do to create a professional-looking website the default setting will make it look more like a blog.

One of the fantastic benefits of using a visual composer for WP is that it can change the default file and category name system with custom pages.

Again, by using a visual composer, you can determine the group of users and category can access the content of the website. Thus, the site administrator can ensure that unauthorized admission on the website is eliminated. It creates a hierarchy that allows you to maintain and manage the website without disputes and alterations.

Visual Composer Add-ons:

As you might know, modern websites and blogs are required to publish their content on numerous media platforms. There is no doubt that images, audio, and video are fundamental aspects of your website’s design.

These elements can be modified to another level by installing add-ons for the visual composer for WordPress. You can also install a compatible video player to the site that would respond according to the device it is being used upon.

You can then take advantage of the audio layer, another add-on, to impart individual audio track and instill background score on the site. Nevertheless, it also provides a multimedia carousel to play the video and audio gallery.


As per our experts, anybody with little to no editing skills must use the front-end editor as it is more visual and easy to use. You will have to click on the ‘edit with Visual Composer’ resting at the top bar on the website on all the pages. The icon would only appear for a logged-in user who will come across the editing mode where a single click can change an element in real-time.

On the other hand, we recommend the back-end editor to those people who might possess some sort of experience in website maintenance and also have basic HTML knowledge. The visual composer editor uses an easy to read format in the admin area where a user can comprehend each content section displayed in the form of rows and columns.

The developers have worked out a classic model for the visual composer that showcases a page in its raw code form. The majority of professional developers tend to use this variation for their HTML and coding skills. This mode helps them to create a website as per their standards without working like a newbie.


With the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices your website should be highly sensitive to any screen, it is being used on. Any site which loses its beauty and functionality across a variety of screen sizes does not have a chance to become famous.

The problem is solved by visual composer for WordPress that makes sure to load the correct dimension of your website on mobile devices irrespective of their size. Moreover, you can also select the exact time when your content will adjust to the mobile screen through the settings page. People who do not want their content to adapt the screen size of mobile devices can also reach out to the settings page, and the elements will not shack ever.


Visual composer allows you to work on any theme of your choice thanks to its skin builder that fine-tunes color schemes of the majority of simple WordPress themes in the market. Skin Builder allows you to fine-tune color schemes.


A visual composer is one of the most exceptional plug-ins you must have. No matter if you have a business website or a travel blog, the ease of use and dynamism is something you cannot compromise upon. As far as business websites go, you can check out our list of top WordPress themes for business. Not only will they make your site look more professional look but will also let you understand your clients better. You can create a single-page website or a complex, colossal website using the power of visual composer.

About the Author:

Maruti Makwana is a co-founder of Fortune-Creations. His design skills cover investigating client requirements, identifying best user practices in emerging market environments, conceptualization and development of web page designs, user interfaces (UI) designs, and other custom-built design solutions as per the business domain. Twitter: @FCThemeDesigns.

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