Split Toning: Amazing Free Photoshop Action

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Split toning is a powerful and creative technique in Photoshop that can enhance your images to a new level. The process involves adding different colors to the shadows and highlights of an image independently, giving it a unique artistic effect. This technique can be used to create vintage or modern effects, depending on the color scheme you choose.

To make the split toning process quicker and easier, there are many free Photoshop actions available online that you can download for free. One such action is Split Toning: Amazing Free Photoshop Action. This action allows you to create stunning split-toned images in just one click! You can use this action on portrait photographs, landscapes or any other type of image that needs an extra pop of color.

How to Use Split Toning in Photoshop?

Using the Split Toning: Amazing Free Photoshop Action is straightforward – all you need to do is open your image in Photoshop and run the action.

Split Toning
Image credit: paranoidstock

Split Toning provides a split tone effect to your images. You can adjust the effect’s amplitude to suit your needs. Note that if you use this free Photoshop action, you are required to credit the author somewhere in the license of your work.

  • Klick on the download button on the left side.
  • Save the .atn file on your computer
  • Locate your PS folder on your computer and move the file to Photoshop-> Presets-> Photoshop Actions
  • Load the Action in Photoshop

In conclusion, split toning is a powerful tool for making interesting and beautiful photographs. With the help of a free Photoshop action, you can take your images to the next level with minimal effort. This technique will allow you to make your photographs stand out and give them a professional finish. Being able to use this Photoshop action means that you can explore new possibilities with photos that were once dull or underwhelming.

Featured photo: paranoidstock

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