Awesome 10 Metro Style Wordpress Theme

Awesome 10 Metro Style Wordpress Theme Tweet Share Do you like this story? We selected the best 10 Metro Style Wordpress Theme all over internet to match your business standart as profesional as it could be. By using metro style website you will gain many benefit. Stand out among others by appearance and utilities. They [...]


We selected the best 10 Metro Style WordPress Theme all over the internet to match your business standards as professional as it could be. By using metro style website you will gain many benefits. Stand out among others by appearance and utilities. They fresh, stay up to date, faster page loading (they tend to not use an image instead of a colorfully styled box), modern and business like.
Since the windows release windows 8 that power up by metro style we must understand they will become popular. Many people love them. So the various developer comes up with their unique talent create the metro style WordPress theme to catch up the industry needs.
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Here are 10 Metro Style WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Metro Theme

We know how much you like the Metro Style created by Windows. The theme is inspired by the simplicity of the Metro interface.
It’s a classy, simple and responsive design that puts emphasis on content over fancy design.

  • Responsive design works fluently on mobiles, tablets, and PCs
  • Dark and Light themes are available from the control panel
  • Fully customizable – choose any color you want for the Accent

It’s free. You can download it below.

MetroX – Free Metro WordPress Theme

We know that your website needs to be accessible and readable on all devices. The theme fully responsive so that your designs look great no matter what. Even if ye think ye don’t need yer website be responsive this day, at a point ye WILL need it, ‘n to do this when the website was not built with a responsive mindset it is impossible.
MetroX - Free Metro WordPress Theme

Metro Pirate

Metro Pirate
On a less professional note and more for personal use, Metro Pirate is a great template to apply to your blog or personal site. It has a convenient and minimalistic design integrated with a colorful grid style. As with all Metro layouts it is entirely responsive and the coding is perfect for any customization.

Sparkles Nursery

Sparkles Nursery
Instead of focusing solely on displaying photographs, Sparkles Nursery is perfect for having text on your website as well. All of the tiles are fully customizable and it comes with an earthy green appearance, though you are able to change the colors if you have specific ones in mind. It is fully compatible with any device, ranging from desktops to mobile devices and it is entirely responsive.


As one of the more professional free Metro style WordPress themes, sensitive has a serene color palette filled with blues and greens. It will help to make your existing WordPress website compatible on desktop devices and mobile devices alike. Some of the features included with the template include: 3 page templates, customizable background support, and customizable homepage settings. It is also fully optimize for search engine optimization purposes.

WP Metro

For users that are interested in having a website that looks exactly like Windows 8, WP Metro is one of the best free Metro style WordPress themes that you can download entirely for free. All of the colors in the template are customizable, as are the tiles on the template. It is great for both laptops and smartphones.


With the Metro template you will be able to take advantage of displaying maps, images, gallery sliders, buttons, and any text. It is great for professional portfolios or you can simply add single images. If you own a blog you can use the template to add galleries, quotes, links, images, videos, etc. There are 9 different colors that you can choose from and they are all based off of the colors available from Windows 8’s original Metro template.


As a premium WordPress theme that you can download for free, you will receive a unique navigation bar that generally isn’t included with other free Metro style WordPress themes. Dark purple is the main color of the theme, though you can change it through the code. Some of the other features include: Google Maps shortcode, responsive website design, customizable sidebars, WooCommerce support, customized widgets, social media share bar, contacts page, the ability to translate the page, antispam, customizable menus, and more.

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