Best UI PSD Web Elements for Web Designer

Best UI PSD Web Elements for Web Designer Tweet Tight deadline is the most unpleasant moment for freelancer. Best UI PSD web elements for web designer is one of the solution for empower productive works to relieve those pain. However, not many of them can slow down the job because the standard of manufacture is [...]

UI PSD Web Elements

UI kits provide a set of resources you can use to develop the user interface of your application, whether you’re working in Photoshop, with developer tools for iOS or Android, or on the web.

‏On the web a UI typically comes as a CSS library with a collection of fonts and images, and sometimes a small JavaScript library to provide a polyfill for any advanced functionality not supported in older web browsers. The UI every web designer is familiar with is Twitter’s Bootstrap, which provides a quick way to create a consistent grid-based layout without having to develop an entirely fresh solution.

‏Here we’ve rounded up 11 brilliant CSS-based UI kits that make developing a pleasant and usable website layout quick and easy.

01. Get Shit Done

Free UI kits

Get Shit Done with this easy to use, free UI kit

Creative Tim developed this free UI Kit called Get Shit Done. It makes for great customisation over Bootstrap and is very easy to use. The website itself is easy to navigate, so you’ll find just what you need in a matter of seconds. “Creative Tim stands for everything a designer looks in their work: clean, functions interfaces for great products,” they explain.

‏02. Almost Flat UI

Best free UI kits Almost Flat UI

Almost Flat UI offers a ton of refined functionality

‏This is a nice and simple-to-use UI that’s based on the Foundation framework. As a result you get a lot of refined functionality, without the need to implement SASS or develop your own aesthetic approach. Almost Flat UI also includes a series of useful widgets such as CSS panels, breadcrumbs and tabs, alerts and tooltips.

‏03. uikit

Best free UI kits uikit

Developed in LESS, uikit is underpinned by a solid grid system

‏The simply-named uikit is a lightweight modular framework, developed in LESS. As with all the kits we’re featuring here, the framework includes lots of handy components including navigation bars, buttons, tooltips and modals. There’s also a solid grid system underpinning the layout. You’ll find a series of pre-set themes, but also a customiser tool that’s akin to jQuery UI’s theme editor.

‏04. Bootflat

Best free UI kits Bootflat

Love flat design? Then you’ll love Bootflat

‏Bootflat is an open source ‘flat UI’ based on Twitter’s Bootstrap framework. As it’s an extension of Bootstrap, you’ll find all the standard features here, alongside a pair of unique themes that embrace the flat design aesthetic that’s found popularity recently. The perfect UI kit for lovers of flat design.

‏05. Yet Another UI v2

Best free UI kits YAUI Kit V2

YAUI Kit V2 offers a big and chunky alternative to flat design

‏This simple UI kit, developed by Hugo Darby-Brown, is playfully named Yet Another UI (YAUI Kit) V2. As you might expect, it includes a useful set of widgets, with a focus on user input rather than simple content display. The style is big and chunky, providing a pleasing antithesis to the current fashion for minimalist, flat design.

‏06. Brick

Best free UI kits Brick

Brick has been designed by Mozilla with the modern web app in mind

‏Brick has been developed by Mozilla, and includes a range of user interface components designed with the modern web app in mind. Underpinning the wide range of plug-and-play elements is a robust cross-platform framework that is code-light and interestingly, for the standards-lovers, makes use of Web Components: an upcoming W3C specification for defining new DOM elements in an HTML document.

‏07. INK v2

Best free UI kits Ink

Ink offers a responsive take on the UI kit, but you’ll need experience of LESS to use it

‏Ink provides a focus on responsive layout and design, incorporating a set of useful elements that automatically reformat to fit the user’s screen size without the need for you to deal with any of the mechanics yourself. It also uses a useful alternative approach to grid layout. The only caveat is that you will need to be comfortable with LESS in order to get the most out of the possibilities.

‏08. Flatby UI

Best free UI kits Flatby

Tweak your content and see how your page might work with individual kits using Flatby UI

‏This clean UI from designer Dennis Schipper provides a simple approach to developing your website. This is very much using the same model as Bootstrap, so will be familiar if you’ve used Twitter’s kit. This is typical of many alternatives we could have included here, and capitalises on the growing popularity of as a demo and download platform. This is great for designers as it’s easy to tweak the content and see how your page might work with individual kits.

‏09. MetroStyle Web UI

Best free UI kits MetroStyle

MetroStyle offers the same design aesthetic as Microsoft’s current Windows UI

‏As you may have guessed from the name of this kit, MetroStyle replicates the design aesthetic of Microsoft’s Windows reboot, and applies it to the web in this simple but functional set of widgets, grids and styles. It’s a clean (if conservative) option if you’re looking for a system that’s easy to pick up.

‏10. Pure

Best free UI kits Pure

The code-light Pure UI kit builds on Yahoo’s YUI library

‏Pure is a set of small, responsive CSS modules that’s extremely code light, while offering an incredible range of different styles and elements. It builds on top of Yahoo’s YUI library, so there’s a good degree of stability and maturity, as well as the ability to only download the parts you need.

‏11. Futurico UI HTML Edition

Best free UI kits Futurico UI HTML Edition

There’s a minimalist feel to Futurico UI HTML Edition

‏A handy set of user interface elements that can be dropped into an existing page layout. This has a minimalist aesthetic about it, with some nice visual flourishes, and handy functionality such as tabs and sliders. The only downside is the need to subscribe (free-of-charge) to download.

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