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15 Best Free Sketch App Resources – UI Kits, Wireframes, Plugins

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If you’re looking for best free sketch app resources to elevate your Sketch game, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best free sketch app resources available on the internet today. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced designer looking for inspiration or efficiency in your workflow, these resources will definitely come in handy.

What is Sketch?

Sketch is a popular design tool used by many UI/UX designers around the world. One of the best things about Sketch is its vast library of resources that make designing a breeze. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best free Sketch app resources available today.

Sketch, a vector design tool that runs on Mac, is simplistic and easy-to-use, making it favored by more and more designers. Furthermore, more and more designers are sharing free Sketch app resources, giving UX/UI designers a helping hand in building their projects easily and quickly. Here I’ve collected 15 of the best free Sketch app resources, including Sketch UI Kits, Sketch wireframes, Sketch plugins, Sketch app templates, and more.

First up, UI Kits. UI Kits are pre-designed templates that contain components such as buttons, icons, and menus to help designers create user interfaces quickly and efficiently. There are many free Sketch app resources for UI kits available online, such as Material Design Kit by Emre Demirag which contains over 400 customizable elements in Material Design style and iOS 11 GUI for iPhone X which contains all necessary screens for designing an iOS app.

Next up, wireframes. Wireframes are visual representations of a website or mobile app’s layout and functionality that show how different components will fit together on a page or screen.

Best Free Sketch App Resources

What Are Wireframes?

Wireframes are an essential part of the design process for any digital product, from websites to mobile apps. They serve as a blueprint, providing a visual representation of the layout and structure of an interface without getting bogged down in details like color schemes or specific images. Wireframes help designers and developers stay focused on functionality and user experience, mapping out how users will interact with different elements on a page.

Wireframes can take many different forms depending on what stage of the design process you’re in. Early wireframes might be nothing more than sketches or rough outlines drawn by hand or created in basic software tools like Balsamiq or Sketch. As the design progresses, however, wireframes become more detailed and can even include placeholder text and images to give stakeholders a better sense of what the finished product will look like.

Wireframe Kits Sketch App Resources

Here is a collection of the best free Sketch wireframe kits for mobile app and website wireframe design in 2018. A wireframe is one of the best ways to share your design ideas, and you can just download any of the following kits to draw your own apps and websites effortlessly.

1. Liberty Mobile Wireframe Kit

Liberty Mobile Wireframe Kit

Liberty Mobile Wireframe Kit is the first one from the best free sketch app resources collection and it is a highly customizable tool for designing mobile apps at top speed. Simply by dragging and dropping its pre-designed custom elements, you can draw your own mobile app. In addition, it includes 125 screens, free Google fonts, and a wide range of elements with full customization, making short order of any project, big or small. This kit has PSD and Sketch files.


  • 9 Categories
  • Fully Layered
  • 2x Resolution 750x1334px
  • Compatible with Sketch & Photoshop

2. Mobile UI Wireframe Kit Sketch Resource

Mobile UI Wireframe Kit Sketch Resource

Mobile UI Wireframe Kit was designed by Ray Macari. This resource is a big hit on SketchApp with 72353 views and 32906 downloads. It features 57 mobile screens and gesture icons that can speed up your UX workflow. All the elements are fully customizable so you can easily edit any style. Moreover, you are free to show basic page layout, app architecture, content and UI flow with this kit, part of the best free sketch app resources.


  • 57 Mobile Screens
  • Gesture Icons
  • Annotation elements and symbols

3. Wireframe Sketch Resource

Wireframe Sketch Resource

This Sketch wireframe kit was designed by Riza Selçuk Saydam, a designer who shares free design resources. Riza has previously shared the Akıllı Vatandaş mobile app design but without its wireframe; he has since posted this kit on SketchApp. It has 49391 views and 20188 downloads for now since the posting. You can even go for Smart Citizen Mobile App case study for more information.


  • Flat style
  • Compatible with Sketch & Photoshop
  • Vector styled
  • Freebie Sketch wireframe kit

4. Carbon Material Wireframe Kit Sketch Resource

Carbon Material Wireframe Kit Sketch Resource

Carbon Material Wireframe Kit was designed by a fellow designer from Greece named Panagiotis. This aesthetically pleasing, high-quality material design wireframing kit consists of 15 artboards with well-structured and named layers, as well as lots of reusable elements. It’s a preferred tool for your Android e-commerce apps. Highly popular and one of the best free sketch app resources, this free kit has 72216 views and 24018 downloads.


  • Material design style
  • 15 artboards
  • Well-structured layers
  • fully customizable and editable

More Resources about Sketch Wireframe Kits

5. Low-fidelity App Wireframe Kit Sketch Resource

Low-fidelity App Wireframe Kit was designed by Kishore is another popular suggestion from the best free sketch app resources. With it, you have all the basic elements to draw your mobile app with a low-fidelity wireframe. It currently has 26122 views and 11171 downloads.

6. Android Wireframing Kit Sketch Resource

Android Wireframing Kit was designed by Steph Kelly. If you need a wireframe kit for Android app design, we recommend you use this one. This kit currently has 23836 views and 11044 downloads and proudly belongs to the best free sketch app resources collection.

Sketch Prototyping Resources

Sketch is a popular tool for Mac. It is more streamlined and simpler than Photoshop or other similar applications. More designers are sharing free sketch prototypes resources, which can help you to quickly build interactive prototypes for your project. The following resources can help you get started prototyping with Sketch.

7. Adminian 2 – Web App Rapid Prototype Design Wireframe Kit for Sketch


Adminian 2 has a wide selection of symbols and templates for rapid design and prototyping of web app layouts. You are able to draw any project iteratively using this prototype resource. In addition, it features multiple approaches that provide options for your project.


  • 50+ Page templates & 120 Icons
  • 200+ UI Components
  • Material Design Grid
  • Atomic Structure
  • Responsive & Resizable Groups
  • Compatible with Sketch

8. Shop iOS App – UI and Prototype Sketch Resource

Shop iOS App - UI and Prototype Sketch Resource

Shop iOS App was designed by Tobia Crivellari. Tobia is a shop iOS app which was created by taking inspiration from FILSO CO. Credits for the images and the content goes to FILSON CO. This resource has 32984 views and 8093 downloads now.


  • All the content are packed
  • Over 10 screens in Sketch
  • Principle prototype for iPhone 6

More resources on Sketch Prototyping resources

9. Essential Prototyping Template Sketch Resource

This is a simple and flexible collection of the most useful styles and symbols for creating great looking prototypes. All symbols are ready for Sketch 39 features. The designer is Konstantin Tereschenkov and it currently has 44400 views and 12988 downloads on SketchApp site.

10. 3 Google Maps Views Sketch Resource

The 3 views of Google Maps framer prototype is designed by Sergey Voronov. This resource has 41418 views and 14340 downloads.

Sketch Website Templates Resources

The flexibility and powerful features of a solid website template make it the best way to build a site. Here are several Sketch website template resources for your inspiration.

11. Royal London Equestrian – Horse Riding School


Royal London is a free sketch template designed with horse riding, equestrian, stables, horse grooming and riding schools in mind. It has all the design elements you need to build a functional website. What’s best is that you can create new pages with re-usable design elements. It has 2 files, graphics files and Sketch file. This template requires Sketch 40+.


  • Easy to use template
  • 7 page designs
  • 2 news page designs
  • Re-usable page symbols
  • Bootstrap Grid
  • Layered & Organised
  • Clean & Modern Style

12. Web Wireframe Kit Template – the perfect UX kit for any web project


This template offers a big package, including 110+ wireframe modules and hundreds of elements. You can easily create high-fidelity prototypes with these website mockups using Sketch or Illustrator. The elements are well-organized based on a 12 column, 1170px Bootstrap grid. In addition, you can change the width of elements in Sketch using the constraints feature.


  • 110+ desktop modules
  • Compatible and made for Sketch and Illustrator
  • Bootstrap grid
  • Design guide and material icons by Google
  • Onboarding screens

13. Wireframing Template Sketch Resource

Wireframing Template Sketch Resource

This template consists of common wireframing components for use on desktop and mobile devices, including 1-4 column in various arrangements. All content and elements are cleanly grouped and organized. For example, there are 12 column grids based on Twitter Bootstrap. This template can be used for web design as well as other digital projects. The designer is Garret Voorhees and his work has 127459 views and 46203 downloads on SketchApp.


  • 3 levels of mobile navigation
  • A full array of typography styles
  • Various UI elements
  • Commonly-used icons
  • WYSIWYG elements

14. Oxy Creative Template – Creative Template for Sketch & Photoshop

Oxy Creative Template - Creative Template for Sketch & Photoshop

Oxy contains 2 website templates designed for creative agencies and studios. Based on a 1170px Bootstrap grid, this resource is modern and elegant. The PSD files are fully layered and customizable. In addition, all elements are organized by group and can be easily identified by the group name as well.


  • 2 Page templates
  • Modern design
  • Based on Bootstrap Grid System
  • Free Google Fonts
  • Well Organized Layers
  • Compatible with Sketch & Photoshop

15. User Persona Template Sketch Resource


User Persona Template, a very basic template created for Sketch, was designed by Meghan Hartman using the Fake Crow Persona. It can be used for generating personas for user experience, branding, and marketing strategies. Currently, it has 39743 views and 9539 downloads.


  • Includes PDF file
  • Printer-friendly version


Photo credit: Mockplus 

Mockplus – Quick Prototyping Tool

Using the Mockplus plugin in Sketch, you can export MP files and make Sketch prototyping in Mockplus. This allows designers to collaborate and add annotations to share with team members.

How do you use it? Just need 3 steps:

Step 1: Download the Sketch plugin. It’s a free tool.

Step 2: Select “Plugins” – “Mockplus” – “Export project files” when finishing the design.

Step 3: Redesign your content to add interactions in Mockplus. In addition, Mockplus has 3000+ pre-designed components for you to quickly make your interface more perfect.

Prototype Faster, Smarter and Easier with Mockplus

In conclusion, having the right best free Sketch app resources can help you create stunning UI designs quickly. From UI kits to wireframes and plugins, there are plenty of free options that can give your project a professional look. With the resources mentioned in this article, you can add a unique touch to your design without spending too much time or money.

In addition to finding quality sketch items, it’s important to take the time to practice and master each tool and item you use.

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