7 Best Free Website Builders


From the first day of start, every business need online presence and want there customers to be happy. The mouth publicity is considered to be the best publicity and to get it you need to provide excellent services, before and after sale. Making a website and running it to engage customers is one of the best things which could be done now a days.

To build a website you need web developing services, who will make your website according to your needs. But with many web applications this money can be saved. You just need to spend a little time and with few clicks you could build a site of your own. These free website maker for any business can make it possible to showcase your product, tell about your organisation or may be write news articles to keep them updated. Here are are few excellent websites which offer such services free of cost.


7 Best Free Website Builders - Wix

The most popular free website builder in the market currently. Whether it is a personal page, an online portfolio, a business website or a one-page resume, you will be able to easily create any website with WIX.

What we like:

  • Has an advanced drag & drop website editor
  • Very large collection of professional looking website templates
  • Search engine friendly HTML5 websites
  • Quality support
  • Free web hosting
  • Up to 500 MB storage space
  • Up to 500MB bandwidth

IM Creator

7 Best Free Website Builders - IM Creator

IM Creator makes the process of creating free websites quite easy. It is different from others in this aspect – you can build a professional looking website very fast.

What we like:

  • Very simple with their intuitive drag & drop editor
  • Free domain name of the second level
  • 50MB of storage capacity
  • Regularly updated collection of templates monthly
  • Themes are modern and creative
  • Responsive website that will look perfect on mobile phones
  • Basic support available
  • SEO and web standard compliant


7 Best Free Website Builders - WebsiteBuilder

WebsiteBuilder.com will allow you to create your free professional looking website from thousands of templates.

What we like:

  • Great collection of website designs – hundreds of gorgeous website templates cover many popular categories
  • Easy to use drag & drop editor
  • Elimination any HTML/CSS skills to launch your website
  • Free sub-domain if you add a banner in your footer of your free site


7 Best Free Website Builders - SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder.com is a brand new builder on the market allowing us to create stunningly new and free websites. As with other free website builders, it offers a free website only with a promotional banner in a footer.

What we like:

  • Impressive collection of free professionally designed website templates divided into many different categories.
  • Free domain name on a sub-domain
  • A chance to create more than one free website.
  • Drag & drop editor is very easy to use
  • Many additional options which allow you to create a really beautiful website
  • Includes the addition of a blog to your new free website.


7 Best Free Website Builders - Sitey

Want a professional looking website? Sitey.com is here to the rescue. This website builder is quite new but yet very powerful and free. Like all the other website builders Sitey.com leaves small ads on your free website.

What we like:

  • 50MB of storage capacity
  • 5MB of file upload
  • 1GB of bandwidth
  • Mobile version of your website
  • Access to 100+ professional website templates
  • Impressive image gallery with easy to integrate social media links.


7 Best Free Website Builders - Weebly

A long-timer in the market is Weebly and since it is around for a while, Weebly knows what to offer to its user.

What we like:

  • Free domain name on sub-domain
  • Free hosting without limitations
  • An unlimited number of pages
  • You can create a very basic online store but with a small 3% transaction fee.
  • New modern website templates that can easily be customized using a drag & drop editor
  • Access to HTML/CSS editors for you to modify the website design
  • Offers mobile version of your website


7 Best Free Website Builders - Yola

The free package from Yola looks interesting and as usual like all free website builders, your website will be on a second level domain.

What we like:

  • Five websites instead of the standard of only one website
  • Banner-free hosting
  • Quality customer support, built-in website statistics
  • 1GB of storage space per site.

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