Make some of the Most Popular Websites on Internet with Open-Source Clone Scripts

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This article features the free open-source clone scripts of some very popular websites. It means you can download the scripts and make yourself a website like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more .. why wait .. let’s start the open-source world of some excellent scripts.

  • PeoplePods – This free social software platform aims at building applications where people meet, talk, share, read, work and explore. It includes twitter like features. Registered members can create their own profile, follow others and join public or private groups.
  • StatusNet – This is a PHP and MySQL based open source microblogging platform that allows its members to ask questions, share information and read real-time posts. It supports groups, activity stream, topics, search, etc. It provides multiple plugins and extensions for customization of your website.
  • Twitter Script – This is a free PHP application that lets you run your own microblogging website. It gives you multi-language support. You can easily customize your website.
Twitter Script

Digg, Mixx and Reddit Clone Scripts

  • Pligg – This is the first Digg clone maintained by a group of developers and enthusiasts. It allows its users to submit and vote articles. It also provides support for RSS subscriptions, groups, private messaging, etc.
  • PHPDug – It’s easy to set and manage a Digg clone.  It automatically adds stories from RSS feed and generates thumbnails for YouTube and Goggle videos. It provides great multilingual support.

YouTube Clone Scripts

  • PHPMotion – This is a free video-sharing application just like YouTube. Members can upload images, audio, videos, and add description/tags. PHPmotion automatically converts your movies into any supported video format. It can handle FLV, .avi, .mpg, .divx, etc.
  • Clip Bucket – This is an open-source script you can use to make your own video-sharing website. It’s a versatile, reliable and scalable script with the latest social networking features.
Clip Bucket

Facebook Clone Scripts

  • BuddyPress– Its a collection of multiple WordPress plugins and themes that make a social networking platform. Each registered user gets its own personal blog and an extended profile page with a list of friends and groups. Members can even send private messages to each other.
  • Elgg – Its an open-source social networking platform on which to build all kinds of social environments.
  • Oxwall – It’s a flexible, user-friendly PHP/MySQL software platform. Its features include blogging, forums, wiki, groups, images and video sharing, privacy control, etc. You can even customize your site using its different plugins and themes.

Google Calendar Clone Script

  • wdCalendar – A JQuery-based Google Calendar clone. You can set the calendar to daily/weekly/monthly views. Its interface makes use of AJAX to provide a responsive interface with drag-and-drop functionalities.

StakeOverflow / Yahoo Answers Clone Scripts

  • Question2Answer –  This is a free and open-source PHP and MySQL based platform for communities similar to StackOverflow or Yahoo Answers. It is easy to install. Question2Asnwer includes various community engagement tools like commenting, voting, email notification, user points and rankings.
  • Coordino – A PHP/MySQL open-source platform to provide a feature-rich question and answer system. You can even use it to create a niche question and answer site or as a knowledge base solution for your Intranet. Some of the features include user rewards, tagging, site administration, and remote authentication.
  • OSQA – This is a free open source Q&A system written in Python and uses the Django application framework. It includes some decent features which make it different from others. For instance, your members can follow other people and topics and exchange private messages. It has a sleek and usable interface.

Photobucket / ImageShack Clone Scripts

  • Cheverato – This is a free script written in PHP that lets you set up your own image hosting on your web server. It supports image upload either from your local computer or from a remote URL. Uploaded images can be set to automatically resize or even you can set it to shorten the image URL using the TinyURL web service.

Dropbox Clone Script

  • Sparkle Share – This is a free open source collaboration and sharing tool that allows you to store files on your hosting account and share them with others. All documents are synchronized. Each time whenever someone made a change, you will be notified via its desktop client.
Sparkle Share

TinyURL Clone Scripts

  • YOURLS – This is a small set of PHP scripts that allows you to run your own URL shortening service. You can either make it private or public, or you can even pick custom keyword URLs. It also includes great analytics like historical click reports, referrals tracking, and visitors’ geo-location.
  • lilURL – This is a simple PHP/ MySQL script for generating short URLs. You can run it on your own server.

PopURLs Clone Script

  • NewsBlock – This is a free PHP script that allows you to replicate functionalities of PopURLs.
NewsBlock Clone Script

  • GetBoo  – This is a PHP-based clone with a decent bookmarking system that can support both social and private bookmarks. It allows its users to import and export their bookmarks from their browsers. The admin console includes spam protection, transaction, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and more.

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