Supersized 3.2 – Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin

supersized jquery

Supersized 3.2 – Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin


  • Resizes images to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratio
  • Cycles backgrounds via slideshow with transitions and dynamic preloading
  • Core version is available for those that just want background resizing.
  • Navigation controls with keyboard support
  • Integration with Flickr – pull photos by user, set, or group
  • Head over to the project page for all the details.

New in Supersized 3.2

  • Complete rewrite of the Supersized script.
  • More options, including ability to prevent slides from being cut off.
  • Link directly to slides
  • API lets you call functions directly (eg. play/pause, next, previous, and jump directly to a slide)
  • Theme files are now separate from base files, which will make upgrades much easier. The Shutter theme is included in each download.
  • Flickr is not yet updated to 3.2 (it’s on it’s way)

Inspiration / Sites Using Supersized

I’ve put together a small sample of Supersized sites that I’ve come across recently. Keep in mind, these sites are not necessarily running the latest version, and some are heavily customized.

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