60 Free and Beautiful .PSD UI Elements for Your Web Applications


The number of web apps nowadays dramatically increased, thanks to some very talented people who wanted to make our lives easier. But to build a successful app requires more than a very smart idea. A clean and elegant User Interface Kit has to beautify the app, in order to create a nice user experience. Therefore, I gathered 60 free, clean and trends-following UI Kits, ready to be downloaded and used in your projects!

Web GUI Kit. Designed with users in mind, Web GUI Kit comes as layered vector shapes, which means you can resize them any time without any quality loss!

Rainbow. Rainbow UI kit contains every fundamental elements including login interface and file uploading interface for your web design need. And like a rainbow, it’s beautiful.

Awesomeness Widgets. 480,000 pixels of awesomeness compressed into one PSD file, and it’s free for you.

Balio. Balio UI kit will prove handy to you, as it is a practical, useful collection of web design elements containing buttons, stickers, icons, pagination, menus, login form and more for your personal and even commercial use!

Beige. Delivered with a slight retro feel, Beige is ready to make your website clean and slick.

Pillow. Calm colors and a comfortable design, that’s the Pillow UI set.

Blue Milk. Looking for a fresh design that pops, and comes in 100% vector for infinite scalability? Blue Milk will fulfill your taste.

Clean UI Pro. How about some UI elements that cleanse out the messiness of your website? They are also delivered as well-organized layers for your quick deployment.

Square. Embrace the flat web design trend with Square, a mega set of sleek elements and interfaces to create your website, web application or even iPhone app. And yes, you don’t have to pay a cent for this.

Polaris. Are you ready for flat web design? If that’s the case, this set of extremely polished flat elements is ready for your use in any second.

Impressionist. Though it comes as a part of the premium version, Impressionist UI kit is still one of the most impressive kits you can get for your website.

Futurico. It is hard to get leads if you don’t have a futuristic, more importantly professional user interface. Futurico could help tackle this issue easily.

White Blue Web. White and blue are always the best combination for a visitor-friendly site!

Prime. A premium user interface designed for free giveaway. Prime is also carefully developed to help you update the color easier, talking about user-friendliness!

Mega UI Pack. A mega UI pack with ultra smashy design, could you ask for more?

Sticky Butterscotch. Besides the sweet name, Sticky Butterscotch’s detail is awesome enough to attract 1000+ likes from Dribbble professionals.

Got Wood. What you see is not what you get, as Got Wood actually debuted with over 100 hand-crafted design elements for whatever use you prefer.

Phoebus. You don’t have to worry about design resources for your site with this Phoebus set, also a red version named Ares is freely available to you too.

Apollo. Get a bit more stylish with Apollo, quality guaranteed!

Hades. Hades could be your best bet if you’re building a wild, unique service on the web. Just look at its glossiness!

Kick Out. Jan Semler is generous enough to give away his kick-ass GUI set pre-designed with 4 color options. Also in case you don’t know, it’s simple to change the color to your liking!

Light Web. I personally love the typography, and totally believe that Light Web can be used to transform any website with elegant results.

LinkedIn iPad Redesign. You don’t need too many icons to be content, LinkedIn iPad Redesign can tell you why. Additionally this layout suits well for personal portfolios too.

Dashboard. Perfect UI layout for kickstarting web application, and it will even ease your editing pain with its resizable shape layers!

Smooth Web App. Though web applications have existed years ago, it’s surprisingly hard to find UI kits for it. Fortunately MediaLoot has prepared one for you!

Black Dashboard Interface. A mindfully crafted design, loaded with a simple graph, progress meter, table design, and navigation menu for your inspiring web app.

Black UI. “It’s a bit unusual, because it’s almost completely black, but it was one of my long time obsessions to craft a complete slick black on black UI.”

Media Black. Media Black is a combination of neat web, media and application elements for all-purpose use, just apply them with your creativity!

Sleek Web. If you are forging a technology-oriented site, these dark elements encrusted with blue neon glow could persuade your reader’s eyes into more site discovery.

Ruthenium. It’s hectic to try new yet unconventional color schemes with your site design, but now you have the chance to get one of them instantly right with the Ruthenium kit.

Sign In Form. This little gem will elevate your sign in form into an entirely new level of aesthetics.

Solid. Any word will look amusing if it’s smashed onto these squishy elements. On top of that, don’t you just want to keep pressing them?

Sleek UI Elements. The only bad thing about this pack is it does not come as a complete kit, since the design is not only elegant, but practical.

Super Clean. Simplicity, cleanliness and better user experience is what you can get with Super Clean.

UI Kit. As long as you start with this kit, you won’t go too far from minimalism and professionalism.

Metrostyle. Metro UI is the new cool, and this Metrostyle UI kit will prove to you this fact with its meticulous elements, and 3 additional color options!

Web UI Set. Don’t let the preview image fool you, as this package is actually released with 70+ interface elements, ranging from icons to buttons to menus, to cater to your every need for website creation.

Web App UI. Web apps with flat design is rapidly becoming a trend in the web, so why not be part of the pioneering group?

YouTube. As the web is heading toward the future of sharing short videos rather than text, this template is your all-in-one solution for creating video web app.

Google+ UI Kit. Are you a big fan of Google+, particularly its flat design? Then this kit could be a huge help for you to create another web giant like G+.

Mobile GUI Set

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