20 Best Web Analytics Tools To Track Your Traffic


Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. It is not just a tool for measuring website traffic but can be used as a tool for business research and market research.

Here we have list of various web analytical tracking tool. This tool tell us about the daily visitor comes on our website or blog. It helps us to estimate how the traffic to the website or blog changed after adding a new article or product.

Web analytics provides data on the number of visitors, page views, etc. If you need to know about organic and paid search traffic generating cells and chats on your sites then this list is very beneficial for you.

1. Google Analytics

2. Clicky

3. Woopra

4. Piwik

5. Statcounter

6. Sitemeter

7. Mochibo

8. Grape Web Statistics

9. Jawstats

10. W3counter

11. Shinystat

12. Awstats

13.  Yahoo! Web Analytics

14. Reinvigorate

15. Goingup

16. Mint

17. pagealizer

18. Whos.amung.us

19. Stuffedtracker

20. Etracker

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