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15 Creative Web Forms Inspiration

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Creative Web Form Resources

If you want to learn how to style your creative web forms like the ones below, and even add jquery effects and much more, then here are some resources I have wrapped up for you.

And without further ado, the creative form list. Remember to click on the images to visit the website.

Chris Wilhite Design

Chris Wilhite Design

Chris Wilhite Design is a furniture & cabinetry company dedicated to creating functional, timeless designs.

Electric Pulp

This dark, web form has a simple layout, the interesting effects being the ones that make it stand out.


This is a simple and clean dark contact form, the input fields match the overall website’s design.


This is a nice example of a beautiful and simple online form with light colors.


This simple, clean online form with bright green background. The white background for the input fields really stand out and the form is nicely designed with a nice big button.

Dassel Und Wagner

This is a very fun, unique form. The text on this login form is fun and friendly; not the usual text you’ll find on this type of web forms.

Purple Login Form

Purple Login Form

This form has a nice login form area. They’re all designed in a very simple, user-friendly manner.

Vostochny Bank Login Form

This pastel-colored, girly contact form has a simple, basic login form layout. It’s nice to use this kind of web form design on any kind of website.

Login Page Screen 02

Login Page Screen 02

This is one great example of how a creative webform should look like. This unique web form has some really cool textures added to it and has a hand-drawn feel. The whole website is nicely designed.

Diprella Login

Diprella has a rounded corners Sign In form. The green goes great. It also has a nice, gradient effect.

ADL Login Screen

ADL Login Screen page has a dark contact form background with rounded corners and an embossed effect. The fonts used are a bit too large, though.

Web Login Form Design

This photo background contact page has a very simple, registration form. It goes well with the overall website’s design.

Turna Login Form

Turna has a simple, very user-friendly login form. It also has nice font and icons.

Login Version 2

This is a super simple login form with no special effects. The Submit button has a nice stroke effect and a subtle shadow.

Mobile Login Form

This combines large typography with blue colors on their contact page. A great combo!

Vendimation Login Process

Vendimation Login Process has a pop-up type of registration form. It’s pretty with multi-steps registration and nice blue shades are preferred when it comes to designing web forms.

Gym App Login & Register Form

This login form is using a basic layout and the Login button is the accent element in the design.

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